About Us

behind the scenes at Blue Hawk Digital

We are Blue Hawk Digital

Wendy Smith and Tina Watkins are co-founders of Blue Hawk Digital. We know what it is like to struggle and succeed as former business owners of a Day Spa (Wendy) and a Conference Management company (Tina). 

Wendy doubled the revenue of her Day Spa by learning SEO, Shopify, social media marketing, and Google Ads to make her business more visible online to attract her ideal customers.

Tina, became interested in digital marketing to better serve her clients’ to attract more members and conference attendees through SEO, Facebook Ads, website & content management, online registration, and Social Media Marketing.

We met at a digital marketing conference and immediately hit it off. Then we discovered  we’re from the same small town 2,000 miles away. We believe the universe brought us together for a greater purpose to serve other business owners with integrity, passion and purpose.

We are passionate about helping business owners grow so they have more time to do what really matters to them! Let us take the marketing tasks off of your plate so you can do what you do best – run your business!

We are continually studying and learning about cutting edge digital marketing strategies to help serve our clients.

We geek out on all things digital and technical to provide…

Simple, creative success solutions.

Why Blue Hawk Digital?

Several motivations spurred our business venture. From the sky to the sea, blue has remained our favorite color. Blue is a symbol of unexplored waters.  It represents depth, understanding, expansiveness, freedom, trust & stability. Having a hawk in your presence is a reminder to use your intellect to solve a problem and expand your visions. You must spread your wings and find a wider audience for your talents and gifts. The incredible eyesight of the hawk made it known “to see”. Hawks are highly intellectual, and have the ability to plan and strategize. It was only appropriate for us to combine the two.  

Blue Hawk Digital took flight.  As an agency we take a birds eye view of your business. We start with a broad-perspective and then zero in on your goals. 

You are  then provided with a step by step strategy for soaring to your success.


We stop at nothing

We Love To Explore​

We Take It Step-By-Step

We Keep It Simple

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are passionate about providing our clients with best in class service at reasonable prices for the value. Bottom line is that we strive to get results for a strong return on investment to help grow your business.   

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together